Wealthy discreet dating

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Drive the most economical, safe car you know so that when you ultimately run into your co-workers, they’ll think you’re frugal or poor.Take public transportation and proclaim your love for buses and trains profusely.Never lose site of the fact that it’s really the journey to financial independence that’s most rewarding.When society turns their back on you for being successful, just recollect on all your struggles and take a deep breath.Becoming wealthy has never been easier in America thanks to quantitative easing, improved financial education, an improving economy, a widening safety net, and a bull market in stocks and real estate.Surviving as a wealthy person on the other hand, has never been tougher.Half of those guys fell off the list or went to jail within a couple years.

His or her immediate thought will be to cut your bonus since you are doing so well.

You shouldn’t feel bad that you worked summer internships during college while your buddies went off to play.

And you should certainly not feel embarrassed by your frugal habits and smart investments once you found a job. With the below suggestions you’ll be able to better walk amongst the shadows without fear of retribution any longer.

Below are 15 recommendations to help you assimilate better in society.

Read: Definitions Of A Middle Class Income 1) Never drive a nice car to work or to any public setting.

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Read: The 1/10th Rule For Car Buying Everyone Should Follow 2) Be careful who you give your home address to.